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Entity labels

The following are are the types of named entities that can be recognized by Natural Language Understanding (NLU) analysis:

Labels Description Example
People Hakeem Olajuwon dunked effortlessly.
Companies Tesla Inc. sold 10% of its Bitcoin holdings.
Organizations Now they threaten to quit the United Nations if they are not heard.
Mass media I read it in the Guardian.
Geography Alaska is the least densely populated state in the United States.
Environment I crossed the Mississippi river with my boat.
Building While in London I attended a concert at the Royal Albert Hall.
Date Napoleon died on May 5, 1821.
Money I sold half of my stocks and made six hundred thousand dollars.
Measure The chest is five feet wide and 40 inches tall.
Phone number For poor database design, call (214) 748-3647.
Email address For any questions do not hesitate to write to [email protected].
Street address Who lived at 221B Baker Street?


In the list view of the Documents tab of project dashboards, the Entities tab in the left panel lists all the types above, but with the following peculiarties:

  • Companies and Mass Media are considered sub-types of Organizations
  • Building and Environment are considered sub-types of Geography

Expand the Organizations and the Geography labels to see the sub-types.