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Download documents


You can download both entire libraries and filtered lists of documents as a ZIP archive.

What gets exported is the text of the documents together with any annotations. The structure of the exported archive is that of a document exchange archive.

The export and download command is available:

and opens a dialog with two tabs: Export and Download.

If there is a number next to the Download tab label, it is the number of exports that have been prepared previously and can be downloaded.

ZIP file preparation

In the Export tab you decide the name of the ZIP file to download, the export options and what to export.

When documents are uploaded, the text that is analyzed and indexed can undergo changes such as merging consecutive spaces. To export texts with their original spacing, check Include original text spaced documents.

To determine what to export the alternative choices are:

  • All documents to export all documents of the library or corpus.
  • Current list of filtered documents (in case of a corpus) to export any documents filtered in the Documents tab.
  • Filtered documents (for categorization, extraction and thesaurus projects) to export only documents with the characteristics chosen from:

    Choice Description Categorization project Extraction project Thesaurus project
    Documents with annotations Documents with at least one annotation
    Documents with categories In the context of an experiment, documents with output categories
    Documents with extractions In the context of an experiment, documents with output extractions
    Current list of filtered documents All the documents in the possibly filtered list. Available in the Documents tab and in the documents statistics view of experiments

To start the export select Export. The Download tab gets selected.

A row corresponding to the new export in progress appears in the tab. A counter showing the number of exports appears next to the tab label.


When the ZIP is ready, the Download choice appears in the file row.

To download the file you can select Download next to the file number or select Download in the toast notification that appears briefly at the bottom right of the screen.

To remove a previously prepared file from memory, select Remove .