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In the Overview tab of the administration dashboard you can find an infographic showing the status of the Platform at a glance.

  • The Authoring section is about the authoring application and shows:

    • (A) The number of projects by type.
    • (B) The number of users by role.
    • (C) The number of experiments.


      Hover over the blue chips in the Experiments area to display a tooltip showing the experiment type.

    • (D) The total number of documents inside libraries or corpora.

    • (E) Active tech version.


      Hover over the tech version in the Active tech versions area to display a tooltip with the long description of the tech version.

    • (F) The languages used in the projects.

  • The NL Flow section is about the NL Flow application and shows:

    • (A) The number of Knowledge models listed in the inventory.
    • (B) The number of workflows, published and not.
    • (C) CPU and memory loads.