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Documents statistics

This tab is similar to the Documents tab list view but here you can also see the metrics with their percentages in list and in detail view.

Access the Documents statistics tab

To access this view, when in the experiments Dashboard:

  1. Select an experiment.
  2. Select Browse documents .

Or, to access this view for your last experiment:

  • In the Experiments drop-down menu, select Documents statistics.


  1. From the Experiments drop-down menu, select Statistics.
  2. Select an experiment from the Experiments panel and then select Browse documents .

This tab changes its display when comparing two experiments.

Filter documents

Filter documents by resources or by entity

To Filter documents by resources or by entity see here.

Filter documents by quality

To filter documents by quality:

  1. Select Filters .
  2. Select the Quality tab in Filter documents,
  3. Select the quality indicators for quality and quality metrics.
  4. Adjust the rate with the cursor for Precision, Recall and F-measure or select N/A to filter the documents with indefinite quality.
  5. Select Filter documents.


Quality metric formulas, by their nature, may provide an indefinite value. Select N/A to filter those documents that fall under this case.

Enable or disable the most relevant terms

To enable or disable the MOST RELEVANT TERMS bar see here.

Filter document by language or sort document by relevance

To filter documents by language or sort them by relevance use the the drop-down menus in the top bar.

Export documents

To export the experiment documents see here.

Export facets

To export facets see here.