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The Bookmarks tool window allows you to manage your favorite project:

  2. Rule and text files.
  3. Breakpoints.


When the project is created, the initial project name-based list is empty. It is possible to create more lists and move items between them.


In addition to the window management commands common to all the tool windows, the toolbar contains:

Icon Name Description
Collapse All Collapse all items
Expand All Expand all items
- Rename Bookmarks List
- Rename Bookmark
- Edit breakpoint
- If a bookmark list is selected, edit its name
- If a bookmark is selected, edit its name
- If a breakpoint is selected, edit its name
Create Bookmarks List Create a new bookmark list

Context menu

This is a comprehensive context menu of all actions you can do when selecting bookmark lists, rule and text files, breakpoints and single bookmarks:

Name Description
Rename Bookmark Rename the selected bookmark
Delete Bookmark Delete the selected bookmark
Move Down Move the selected item down
Move Up Move the selected item up
Mark List as Default Mark the selected bookmark list as default when saving project items
Rename Bookmarks List Rename the selected bookmark list
Delete Bookmarks List Delete the selected bookmark list
Sort Bookmarks Sort your bookmarks
Assign Mnemonic Assign the selected bookmark a letter/digit-based bookmark
Edit Breakpoint Edit the selected breakpoint
Remove Breakpoint Remove the selected breakpoint


The Breakpoints list cannot be removed.