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Manage annotations

In the Annotation tool window, it is possible to view, modify or delete the annotations that have been defined for the current file.

First, open the test file in the editor or select it if it is already open, then select the Annotation tool window. The procedures below must be performed in that window.

View annotations

  1. Select the Categories or Extractions tab based on the type of annotations you want to view.
  2. The panel corresponding to the tab shows the list of annotations. Here you can see which annotations have been defined.

For extraction annotations, to highlight the range of characters corresponding to the Begin and End columns values, just select the annotation.

Find and filter annotations

If you have a lot of annotations, you can quickly find the ones you are interested in using the search function or—in case of extraction annotations—filter them to show only those of a certain type.

To find annotations:

  1. In Search enter the search criteria1. You can use full words or portions. For example, in the Extractions tab, text use will match values like house, user, etc.
  2. Select Find Next to find the first annotation matching your criteria.
  3. Select Find Next again to find other matches.

To filter your annotations:

  1. Select Filter and Sort . The Filter by type and Filter by quality drop-down menus will appear.
  2. To filter extraction annotations by template name in the Extractions tab, select it in the Filter by type drop-down menu.


    To filter annotations by quality, select it in the Filter by quality drop-down menu (available in the Categories and Extractions tabs).

Modify annotations

To modify annotations:

  1. Double-click the annotation you want to change.
  2. Edit the annotation details.

Underline all the annotations in the editing area

To underline all the annotations in the editing area, select Keep Highlighted

Delete annotations

To delete annotations:

  1. Select the annotations to delete (multiple selection with Ctrl-click is allowed).
  2. Select Delete selected items on the toolbar.

  1. In the Categories tab the search criteria match the name of categories—the annotation value—in the Extractions tab they match both the template-field couple and the value.