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Validating a document means confirming that the annotations or the extractions are satisfactory and there is no need to add more.

It is also possible to validate a document that doesn't have any annotations. In this case, it is considered as a 'negative' example and not considered in the analysis.

A validated document helps to obtain better quality results.

To validate a document:

  1. Open or select the document in the Editing area.
  2. In the info bar, select Set validated.


  1. In the Project tool window, select the documents (CTRL-CLICK is allowed to select a set of documents).
  2. In the context menu, select Set Documents as validated.


A validated test document is represented with the following icon

It is also possible to remove the validation to a document selecting Set not validated in the editing area or to a set of documents in the Project tool window, selecting Set Documents as not validated in the context menu.