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Smart completion

Studio provides smart code completion.
It is active while you write or you can enforce it with Ctrl+Space.

To set the maximum number of characters after which the smart completion is activated for the LEMMA attribute:

  1. Open the Studio Settings window.
  2. Select General > Editor.
  3. Set the value in Lemma completion min chars (2 by default).

The table below illustrates some of the various types of the available completion.

Completion type Example
Syncon from lemma
Suggests syncons based on current lemma
Syncon (validation)
Checks current syncon
Suggests lemmas
Suggests list files
Suggest categorization domains
Suggests extraction templates
Suggests extraction fields
Suggests sections
Suggests extraction transformations
Language element
Suggests elements of the rules language

To manage smart completion preferences, select File > Settings > Editor > General > Code Completion on the main menu.