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This section of the manual contains guides that explain how to use Studio to manage text intelligence projects.

Chapter Description
Start Studio How to run Studio
Get help How to use this manual and access the IntelliJ IDEA help documentation
Update Studio How to keep Studio updated to the latest version
Manage projects How to create and manage projects and project modules
Manage files and folders How to manage project folders and files and import libraries
Manage the taxonomy How to manage the project taxonomy
Manage templates and fields How to manage the project templates and fields
Manage tags How to manage the project tags
Manage code How to write, navigate and manipulate the source code of your projects
Use the Knowledge Graph How to browse and use the Knowledge Graph
Perform version control How to use a VCS for team-working and version management
Make test documents How to create test documents
Build and test How to compile and run the project against test documents and how to interpret the results
Manage project quality How to achieve desired quality and avoid regression
Manage the ready-to-use modules How to manage predefined script modules
Deploy the project How to create files needed to run the text intelligence engine in your production environment
Manage the Knowledge Graph How to replace and extend the Knowledge Graph
Manage the Local Deployment Agent How to start and stop the text intelligence engine API inside Studio
Connect to Platform How to connect to the Platform application
Customize the IDE How to customize the interface and improve its accessibility

If you want to know more about using IntelliJ IDEA please visit the official website.