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Knowledge Graph Editor Settings


The Knowledge Graph Editor Settings window allows you to extend and patch the project's knowledge graph.

To open this window:

  • Select Knowledge Graph Editor on the toolbar.


  • Select Studio > Knowledge Graph Editor on the main menu.

The window contains a toolbar, a table with a list of imported files and action buttons.


Icon Name Description
Add Import File Import a .txt or .csv file, adding it to the list.
Remove Import File Remove the selected file from the list.
Reimport File Re-import the selected file after some changes.
Up and Down Change the evaluation order for the selected file during the build operation.

Imported files list

The table inside the window shows the list of imported files.

Name Description
# Build evaluation order
State How the file relates to the latest build.
If empty, the file is new compared to the build or no build has been performed.
The icon of a check sign on a green background indicates that the file was included in the latest build and has not changed since then.
The icon with a check mark over a yellow background indicates that the file was included in the latest build, but was modified since then.
File File name
Type File type
Parent Syncon Lemmas of the knowledge graph syncon that is going to be the parent of imported syncons in the supernomen/subnomen hierarchy
Definition File description
Separator Separator character


Information below Parent Syncon, Definition and Separator appears only when importing .txt files.

Action buttons

  • Reset: resets the knowledge graph to its original state, so loosing both extensions and patches.
  • Remove Extensions: removes the extensions, while possible patches are not undone.
  • Build: re-build the knowledge graph applying the changes listed in the imported files.
  • Close: close the window.