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The Project tool window show the project's structure and allows navigating the project to open and create project items.


The Project drop-down menu on the left of the toolbar allows changing the display mode by choosing between different scopes. The Project scope shows the entire project contents, while the Open Files scope shows only open files.

Context menu

Context menu commands vary according to the folder or the type of item.

Below is the list of Studio-specific commands.

Name Description Availability
Project Cleanup Remove files that are old or no longer used Everywhere
Build Build the project or—in case of multi-module projects—the current module Everywhere
Build All Build the project or—in case of a multi-module project—all the project's modules Everywhere
Deploy Deploy the project module Everywhere
JR Modules Manager Install and manage scripting modules Everywhere
View cpk properties Create or update a project module based on a selected cpk .cpk file in package > cpk
Platform Actions Upload the selected cpk or the selected library to the linked Platform project, unlink the module from the linked Platform project .cpk file, .zip file
Analyze All Documents Analyze all the project's test documents Everywhere
Analyze Selection Analyze selected test documents test folder
Prepare Selection Pre-process files in the documents folder to create corresponding test documents documents folder
Import Library Import a set of documents Everywhere
Manage Rule Labels Add rule labels to your rule files rules folder
Set Documents as validated Mark selected test documents as validated test folder
Set Documents as not validated Remove the validation mark from selected test documents test folder
Set NL Core version Select one of three of the latest NL Core Versions available Everywhere
Replace Knowledge Graph Change the project Knowledge Graph Everywhere
Update Knowledge Graph libraries Update the Knowledge Graph to its latest version
Ensure Charset UTF-8 Apply UTF-8 encoding to text files documents, rules and test folders
Optimize list Optimize and clean list files .cl files only
Rule Testbed Test a rule against text documents test folder
Open related annotation file Open the annotation file of the selected test file test folder
Open results JSON Open the XXXX.txt.ctx.json.gz file in the gen folder of the selected test file test folder
Open disambiguation JSON Open the XXXX.txt.dis.json.gz file in the gen folder of the selected test file test folder
Export selected files to Library Create a library out of selected documents test folder
Annotate Category Annotate selected documents with a target category test folder
New Create a new project item Everywhere

Popup menu (keyboard shortcut: Alt+Ins) allows creating a new project item—module, directory, file, etc.—whose type is consistent with the context.

Title bar

In addition to the window management commands common to all the tool windows, the title bar has two other commonly used commands, also standard for IntelliJ IDEA, described below.

Icon Name Description
Select Opened File The file that's current in the editing area is highlighted in the project tree structure
Expand All Expand the project tree structure
Collapse All Collapse the project tree structure

Mouse commands

Available mouse commands are:

Command Description
Double-click a file Open the file
Drag a file into the editing area Open the file
Click the expand/collapse toggle switch at the folders left Expand or collapse folder contents

File details

If the Details in Tree View option is selected, file size and modification timestamp are displayed to the right of each file in the project tree.