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A professional IDE

Studio is based on the IntelliJ IDEA, a well-established IDE for developing software applications. It is adopted by a vast community of developers and designed to maximize productivity.

IntelliJ IDEA provides coding assistance features like:

  • Smart code completion.
  • Automatic formatting (indentation, white space).
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Advanced multi-line search & replace with regular expressions.
  • "Find in path" with preview.
  • "TODO" comments.
  • Find usages of specific rules element.
  • Graphical XML editing support.

IntelliJ IDEA can be enriched by adding plugins, which can be downloaded and installed either from IntelliJ IDEA website or through the IDE's built-in plugin search & install feature. There are thousands of plugins available, you can for example install specific views for manipulating regular expressions or XML files.

Please refer to the IntelliJ IDEA documentation for all the information about its standard features.

This manual

This manual explains how Studio is made and how to use it. If you look for information on Studio programming languages, see the languages reference guide.

This manual is divided as follows:

  • Installation: how to install Studio on your computer.
  • User interface reference: the complete reference to all elements of the IDE.
  • Project structure: the description of the file-system structure of projects.
  • How-to-guide: a comprehensive collection of step-by-step procedures that explain how to run Studio and carry out development and management activities.
  • Appendices: configuration properties, settings, file formats.

Read the help page to learn more about using this manual with a browser.