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Find the path between syncons

If two syncons are connected to each other through other syncons, like bourbon is connected to alcoholic beverage through whisky, it is possible to find all the syncon along the path using the Path Finder tab of the Knowledge Graph Search tool window.

To find the path between two concepts:

  1. Enter the ID of the first syncon in Syncon ID 1.
  2. Enter the ID of the second syncon in Syncon ID 2.
  3. Enter the number of connection in Search Deep. It's 3 by default.
  4. Choose the type of connection between syncons in Link.
  5. Select the button with the magnifying glass icon .

It is possible to enter the first and the second syncon ID directly from the Knowledge Graph:

  1. right-click the first syncon.
  2. Select Set as Syncon ID 1 in PathFinder.
  3. right-click the second syncon.
  4. Select Set as Syncon ID 2 in PathFinder.


The direction of the connection doesn't matter. If you put the ID of the ascendant in Syncon 1 and that of the descendant in Syncon 2 or do the opposite the results will be the same.

To show Syncon ID 1 or Syncon ID 2 in Knowledge Graph select the blue-and-green target icon to the right of the field.

To show a result syncon in Knowledge Graph, double-click it.