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Open Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph tool window is the main tool for finding syncons and lemmas and inserting them in categorization and extraction rules.


It is possible to replace or extend and patch the project's Knowledge Graph.

From the main window

The Knowledge Graph is a tool window, so the easiest way to open it is by clicking its selector along the edge of the main window.


For other ways to open a tool window, see the introduction to tool windows.

You can also open it as follows:

  • Select Studio > Knowledge Graph on the main menu.


  • Select Knowledge Graph on the toolbar.

From the editor

You can also open the tool window with a lookup operation starting from text selected in the editor.
In this case, when the tool window opens, a search is already carried out using the selected text as the query.

From the Semantic Analysis tool window

You can start Knowledge Graph navigation from the Semantic Analysis tool window in a variety of ways:

  • Double-click the syncon tile, at the words, atom or text level.

  • Double-click the syncon ID shown in the details panel. You can also double-click the parent syncon's ID.

  • Right-click on the syncon in the details panel and choose View Syncon in Knowledge Graph.

  • Right-click on the base-form shown in the details panel and choose Find lemma in Knowledge Graph.

More information

Once you opened the Knowledge Graph, for more information about it, select INFO . You will find the:

  • Knowledge Graph version
  • Knowledge Graph path
  • Availability of definitions
  • Available grammar types
  • Knowledge Graph language
  • Number of:
    • Syncons
    • Lemmas
    • Domains