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This manual

You are reading the Studio user manual. Here you can find help to install the tool, the detailed description of the user interface and step-by-step guides explaining how to do things.

The pages of this manual are laid out as shown in the figure below.

The navigable table of contents of the manual is on the left (1), the article text is in the center (2) and on the right you can have the article table of the contents (3).

If you scroll down, the title of the manual is replaced with the title of the article (4).

At the bottom of the page you have the navigation bar (5) that allows you to go back and forth between articles.

At the top right you have the search box (6).

IntelliJ IDEA help

IntelliJ IDEA, the powerful IDE Studio is based upon, has a lot of help material in the form of Web pages, how-to guides and video tutorials.

To get help on IntelliJ IDEA and for explanations of the commands of the Help menu of Studio, select Help > Help on the main menu.


IntelliJ IDEA documentation is online, so it requires a Web connection. If your computer cannot be permanently connected to the Internet, install the IntelliJ IDEA Help plugin. This way you will have local help pages.

Tool window specific help

To get specific help on a tool window, select in the title bar of the tool window. By doing so you will be taken to this manual's help page about that tool window.

Submit a Studio problem

To open Studio support portal and report a problem, select Studio > Submit a Studio Problem.