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Get collocations

To find collocations that you can insert in the code you can use the Collocations tab in the Knowledge Graph Search tool window.

To find collocations:

  1. Enter the search criteria in the Search field.
  2. Select Find find.png or press Enter.

As you type in the Search field, the auto-complete feature suggests you possible lemmas. You are not required to accept a suggestion.
The search will return all the collocations containing the string you typed.


If the suggested lemmas are numerous, mind to scroll the list.

Use search history

Each search is saved in the search history.
To browse the search history select Go Back back.png or Go Forward forward.png on the toolbar or simply choose from the Search list.

Set search options

By default search is case sensitive. To toggle case sensitivity select Match Case case.png on the toolbar.


When Match Case is on, credit card and Credit Card are different search criteria; when off, they are the same and they match both upper-case and lower-case lemmas.


Committing selected collocations means inserting them as a comma-separated list at the cursor position inside the rule file you are editing.

  1. Select the collocations you want to commit.
  2. Select Commit on the lower toolbar.


If you try to commit a collocation in a file of a type not allowed, for example a test file, a warning message is displayed.



The Commit command is available only if there is a selection.

Copy collocations

To copy the selected collocations to the clipboard as a multi-line list:

  1. Select the collocations you want to copy.
  2. Right-click any of the selected collocations and choose Copy selected collocations.

To copy all the collocations to the clipboard as a multi-line list, right-click and choose Copy all collocations.

Clear results

To clear search results, right-click any result and choose Clear.

Change project module

In the case of a multi-module project, you can switch to another module by selecting it from Module on the lower toolbar.

Switch to Knowledge Graph

To view a collocation in Knowledge Graph, right-click it and choose Find lemma in Knowledge Graph.