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Custom concept relations

Any custom relations of a concept, defined through the project settings, are managed in the Custom relations tab of the Edit Concept panel.

  • For single instance relations:

    • To specify the related concept, enter its URI.
      While you type—at least three characters—existing concepts with matching URI are displayed in a pop-up menu and you can pick one.
      If you start typing a full URI, the Create new URI line at the bottom of the pop-up menu gets enabled. If you choose it, the relation refers to a concept that, at the moment, doesn't exist in the thesaurus.

    • When a relation has been specified:

      • To select the related concept in the tree, hover over the relation label and select Show resources .
      • To delete the relation, hover over it and select the X button .
  • For multi-instance relations:

    • Manage individual relations as above.
    • To add a new instance, select the plus button above the relation name.