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Understand the analytics


To access the Analytics sub-tab of the Documents tab select

This sub-tab offers an at-a-glance view of the statistics related to the corpus documents as well as the ability to search and filter.


This sub-tab is divided into several panels:

  • The Languages panel displays the number of documents and the recognized languages.

  • The Main topics panel display a pie chart subdividing the number of documents by topics, the latter listed below with their percentage.

  • The Most relevant terms panel lists in form of a cloud the most frequent and relevant lemmas in the documents.

  • The Main entities panel lists the entities recognized by the Knowledge Graph.

To enlarge a box, click a single entity.

To filter the list of main entities, select one or more chips.

  • The Main syncon labels panel lists the semantic domains recognized in the documents.

To enlarge a box and view the inner items inside a syncon, click a single label.

Before After


Each element of the Main topics, Most relevant terms, Main entities and Main syncon labels panels can be double-clicked to perform searches.

The Documents panel contains the document list of your corpus. It is possible to:

  • Expand or Collapse the list of documents to open them.
  • Filter your documents by selecting Filters .


The Main syncon labels and the Main entities panels can also be zoomed—by scrolling your mouse wheel, when inside the panel—and dragged to see smaller elements.


Select the expanding arrow or the collapsing arrow to expand and collapse the available panels.

Open a document

To open a document:

  1. Select Expand to expand the Documents panel.
  2. Double-click the document box in the list or select the file name in the document box.