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Check the activity log


Major events affecting corpora like uploading documents or analysis and affecting the projects like uploading documents or analysis or experiments are logged as activities.

You can check the activity log regarding:

  • Corpora, by selecting the Activity log tab.
  • Projects, by:

    1. Selecting Dashboard from the Experiments drop-down menu to access all the experiments.


    1. Selecting Statistics from the Experiments drop-down menu to access the last experiment statistics.
    2. Selecting the Activity log sub-tab.

They activities are divided into the following levels:

  • Error
  • Warning
  • Info
  • Debug

To change the sort order of the displayed activities according to Date or Level, select the related column header.

To filter the activities according to their Level, select the related button placed at the top.

To see the details watch the Details column. In case of error select Show error details and a information dialog is displayed.

Export the activity log

To export the activity log in JSON format:

  1. Select Export log.
  2. In the Export log dialog, enter the filename or confirm the suggested one.
  3. Select Export and the JSON file will be available for the download.
  4. Select Download either in the dialog or in the notification in the lower right corner.