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Active learning experiment dashboard


Once the suggestion generation started with the active learning is over, the results are reported in form of experiment with its own dashboard.

The main differences occur in the Statistics tab.

The upper part of the Statistics tab contains several information about the project.

There are two sub-tabs in the middle:

  • Documents, with information about project documents.
  • Resources, with information about project resources.


Like with the other experiments, you can edit the experiment name and delete the experiment.

Upper part

In the upper part you can see the:

  • Experiment name
  • Performance date and time
  • Experiment author

The Documents coverage area summarizes the number of:

  • Analyzed documents
  • Documents with suggestions
  • Documents with annotations

The Resources coverage area summarizes the total number of:

  • Classes with suggestions
  • Suggestions
  • Annotations


The Documents sub-tab contains the project documents.

There are the following columns:

Name Description
Document Document name
Suggestions Number of suggestions
Confirmed Suggestions Number of confirmed suggestions
Annotations Number of annotations

Select the column headers to sort your documents in the desired order.

Select Only documents with suggestions to filter the document list based on the presence or absence of annotations. The icon has three different colors:

Icon Description
No filter. All documents are visible
Positive filter. Only documents with suggestions are visible
Negative filter. Only documents without suggestions are visible

Select the icon repeatedly until you get the desired filter.

Select the expanding and collapsing arrows to expand and collapse a document and view its annotations. The annotation list works as already described in the experiment quality page.

The only difference is the following:

An annotation with a dashed outline derives from the suggestion process after an experiment performed with active learning.

Hover over a document and select Annotate document to open it in detail view and start annotating it or select Open document to open a document in detail view. Read the dedicated paragraph for further details.


The Resources sub-tab contains your project classes, both the grouped and ungrouped ones.

To show your classes in a table view, select Show table view .

To show your classes in a card view, select Show card view . If selected, select Sort to sort your classes.

Each class contains contains the number of:

  • Suggestions
  • Confirmed suggestions
  • Total annotations
  • Documents in which the class is annotated


The same information is displayed both in table and card views.