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System requirements and setup packages

System requirements and setup packages can be found in the Studio home page of this site.

Windows installation

With the zip file

After the download, extract your files from the folder.

You're now ready to start Studio.

With the installer program

  1. Launch the installer executable.
  2. In the Welcome to Studio Setup dialog, select Next.
  3. In the Choose Install Location dialog, select the destination folder, then select Next.
  4. In the Installation Options dialog, check the options you need, then select Next.
  5. In the Choose Start Menu Folder dialog, select the folder where you want to create the program's shortcut (you can also choose to create a new folder), then select Install to start the installation.
  6. In the Installing dialog, you can optionally select Show Details to see the download details.
  7. In the Completing Studio Setup dialog, select Finish to finish the procedure. You can optionally select Run Studio to run Studio after finishing the procedure.

Linux installation


The Linux version is a preview so you may experience instability.

  1. The installation media comes in the form of a compressed TAR archive—a file with .tar.gz extension. Copy it into a suitable working directory, for example, the home directory of your user.
  2. If it doesn't exist, create the root directory for software with this shell command:

    sudo mkdir /opt/ 
  3. Extract the contents of the archive with this shell command:

    sudo tar xzf compressedtarfilepath -C /opt/

    where compressedtarfilepath is the path of the compressed TAR file.

  4. The tar command creates a sub-directory inside /opt/ The name of this sub-directory depends on the version of the installation media and has the following structure:


    where version is the version of the IntelliJ platform Studio is based upon.

    Change the current directory to the bin directory contained in that sub-directory, for example:

    cd /opt/    

You're now ready to start Studio.