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Make experiments in thesaurus projects


During an experiment you train a model for your thesaurus project and have it automatically tested against a library. Generated models can then be published to NL Flow.

Start an experiment

To start an experiment:

  1. In the upper bar, select Start an experiment .

    Or, if you have no models in the Models tab:

    Select the Models tab and select Start an experiment.

  2. (Optional) Enter a name for the experiment. If you don't, the system will automatically assign a name.

  3. Select the test library in the Test library drop-down menu.
  4. Select Next: a wizard will start.

The steps of the wizards are used to set all the parameters of the experiment before starting it. In the reference section of this manual you will find the description of all the parameters.

Advanced parameters can be hidden by selecting Hide advanced parameters. When the checkbox is selected, the steps of the wizard that deal exclusively with advanced parameters are skipped.

After completing each step of the wizard, select Next to go on or Back to return to the previous step.

If the experiment you are starting is not the first one of your project, the Select run preset dialog appears.

In this dialog:

  1. Select:

    • Last experiment run settings to start an experiment with the same settings, library and engine of the previous experiment with the same model type you selected.


    • Default run settings to start a new experiment.
  2. Select:

    • Edit settings to start the wizard step by step editing your settings.


    • Fast start to skip all the wizard steps and jump to the Summary step.


If you select Fast start, then you select Back, you will go to the Select run preset dialog and not back to the other wizard tabs.

Wizard steps

These are the steps of the wizard:

  • General

    This step allows you to consider labels—for the concept extraction during the experiment—from:

    • Public sources
    • Private sources
    • Advanced rules
    • Kill lists
  • Scoring

    This step allows you to set the parameters affecting scoring.

  • Post processing

    This step allows you to set the parameters affecting score thresholds.

  • Rules generation

    This step allows you to set the parameters that affect symbolic rules generation.

  • Summary

    This step allows you to review your choices and set the matching strategy.

    Select Start to launch the experiment and watch its progress.

Experiment progress

When you complete the wizard, the experiment starts and the progress of the process is displayed.

To terminate the experiment before it ends select Delete experiment.

Information about the outcome of the experiment is displayed in the Info and in the Activity log tabs.


In case of multi-language projects, a single experiment generates a number of models equal to the number of languages.

In the end experiment analytics are displayed in the Statistics panel of Experiments tab. There you can analyze and interpret the results. Experiment results are associated with the test libraries you choose in the experiment wizard, the Experiments tab is disabled for other libraries.


If the experiment fails, the tab Info appears displaying information and the type of errors. You can check also the Activity log tab for further information.