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The Model sub-panel summarizes the parameters and the features of a model generated by a single experiment.

Specifically, from top to bottom, the following items are displayed:

  • Model type.
  • Model name.
  • Creation date and time.
  • Training library information (Number of documents, sampled library documents, annotated documents, annotations, resources, generation time).
  • Various train settings and parameters.

Publish a model

To publish a model, select Publish model.


If you publish a model for the first time, type the name in the dialog, then select Publish model.


If you publish a model annotated in the PDF document view and then trained, it must be preceded by an Extract converter processor to be used correctly in the NL Flow part.

Unpublish a model

To unpublish a model, select Unpublish model.

Edit the model name

To edit the model name, select Edit model name.

Delete the model

To delete a model, select Delete or Delete model.

Export a model

To export a model:

  1. Select Export model.
  2. In the dialog, type the name in File name or confirm the suggested one.
  3. Select Export model .
  4. Select Download either in the dialog or in the notification in the lower right corner.

To check a related experiment, double-click the experiment in the Related experiments sub-panel on the right side of the screen. You will see the experiment quality.