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Concept validation

In case of team work or simply as a memorandum for you, you can mark the thesaurus concepts as approved, that is complete and correct from all points of view.
When a concept is candidate, instead, it has yet to be completed or approved. You can also mark a concept as rejected to highlight that it should not be considered. This is better than removing the concept to avoid re-defining it is needed again.

The validation states correspond to colors:

  • green: approved
  • orange: candidate
  • red: rejected

A button panel on the toolbar of the Edit concept panel allows you to know and possibly change the validation status of the concept.

These are the buttons and their action:

  • Approved : the concept is correctly defined.
  • Candidate : work in progress to decide whether to approve or reject the concept.
  • Rejected : the concept must not be considered.

In the thesaurus tree, the validation state is represented by a colored dot beside the concept. There is no dot for candidate concepts.

The initial validation status for new concepts is determined by project's extraction settings which in turn derive from the choices made during project creation.