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The Model sub-tab summarizes the parameters and the features of a model generated by an experiment.

Specifically, from top to bottom, the following items are displayed:

  • Engine type.
  • Model name.
  • Creation date and time.
  • Training library information (Number of documents, annotated documents, annotations, resources, generation time).
  • Auto-ML selected parameters, in case of experiments with the Auto-ML Categorization model type.
  • Various train settings.

Publish or Unpublish a model

To publish a model, select Publish model.


If you publish a model for the first time, type a name in the dialog, then select Publish model.

To unpublish a model, select Unpublish model.

Export a model

To export a model:

  1. Select Export model.
  2. In the dialog, type the name in File name or confirm the suggested one.
  3. Select Export model .
  4. Select Download either in the dialog or in the notification in the lower right corner.

Edit the model name

To edit the model name, select Edit model name.

Delete the model

To delete a model, select Delete model or Delete .

To check a related experiment, double-click the experiment in the Related experiments sub-panel on the right side of the screen. You will see the experiment quality.