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Rules are the extraction conditions defined with the advanced extraction settings of a concept.

All the rules that have been defined for concepts can be browsed in the Rules tab of the Resources panel which is located in the Resources tab of the project dashboard.
To open the Rules tab:

  1. Select the Resources tab on the main dashboard toolbar.
  2. If the concept tree is displayed, turn it off by selecting Toggle custom elements on the toolbar of the Resources panel. The concept tree is replaced by a list of tabs.
  3. Select the Rules tab in the Resources panel.

The Rules tab has two side-by-side panels. In the Rules panel there is the list of the rules.

  • To filter the rules, type something in the search box and only the rules whose name contains what you typed will immediately be displayed. The match is case sensitive. Select the X icon or delete what you have typed to cancel the filter.
  • To change the sort order, choose from the drop-down below the panel title.

In the right panel there is the detail of the selected rule. It shows:

  • The target concept, that is the concept for which the rule was defined
  • The scope of the rule
  • The condition of the rule, made up of operands combined together using operators

Change the name

To change the name of a rule, select the pencil icon on the toolbar of the right panel. The Edit rule name dialog appears. Edit the name and select Save to commit the change.

Edit a rule

You edit a rule in the context of its target concept. To jump to the target concept:

  1. Select the target concept of the rule.
  2. Expand the INSPECTOR panel (see below) and select Edit rule.


The INSPECTOR panel, on the right edge of the page, shows contextual information about the item selected in the adjacent panel, possibly with navigation shortcuts.

To toggle the INSPECTOR panel select the expand and collapse icons at the top of the panel.


To delete a rule, select the trash bin icon on the toolbar of the right panel.