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Use a corpus as a library source

During the creation of a categorization, extraction or thesaurus project, when the wizard asks you to create the first library, or when adding a library to an existing project, you can use an existing corpus as the source for the library.

You can use these tools:

  • Use the search bar to look for a corpus. Your search must contain at least three characters.
  • Select Show table view to view your corpora in a table format.
  • Select Show card view to view your corpora in a card format.
  • When in table view, you can sort items by selecting the desired column header.
  • When in card view, select Share to share the corpora with other users.

The information displayed in the existing corpora is the same displayed in the Corpus info sub-panel of the main dashboard.


Corpora displayed are related to the Tech version selected in the the new project dialog.