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Knowledge graph customization project dashboard

The project dashboard for a new knowledge graph customization project opens at the end of the creation wizard. To open the dashboard for an existing project:

  1. Go to the main dashboard.
  2. Double-click the project card or row.


    Select the project name.

Once in the project dashboard, use the toolbar to:

  • (A) Get project information by hovering over the info icon
  • (B) Switch between the tabs of the dashboard:

    • Resources: here you can manage the lists of syncons, relations, user data and entities that constitute the customization.
    • Builds: here you can manage customization builds.
    • Activity log: open the activity log.
  • (C) Edit project settings

Some of the above commands and the remaining part of the toolbar are the same as in the main dashboard and in the dashboard of other project types.