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Change document language

The language of the documents is determined during the upload based on the user's choice; it can be detected automatically or be, for all the documents, the one chosen by the user from the list of available languages.
If you realize that a document's language is not the right one, either because the automatic detection algorithm made a wrong prediction or because the user's choice for all documents does not apply to that document, you can change it.

This can be done in the list view of the Documents tab.

To change the language of a document:

  • Choose the document from the list and then select Change language on the toolbar above the list.


  • Select Change language—the language code chip—in the document row.

To change the language of multiple documents, select them with Ctrl+Click then select Change language on the toolbar above the list.

In any case you can choose from all the supported languages of the Tech version underlying the project.


The language change operation requires the repetition of the NLU analysis for affected documents and the reorganization of the search indexes, therefore it is carried out in the background and can take some time.
During the operation, affected documents are grayed out.
At the end of the operation, a notification appears inviting you to reload the corpus to see the effects of the change.