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Kill lists

The kill lists associated with the current concept can be managed in the Kill lists tab of the Edit concept panel.

  • To associate an existing kill list to the current concept, select Add an existing kill list under Killed by. Type at least two characters and select one of the suggestions from the drop-down menu.
  • To remove the association between the current concept and a kill list, select the trash bin icon beside the list name.
  • To create a new kill list associated with the selected concept, select Create a new kill list under Killed by.
  • To edit a kill list, select the pencil icon beside the list name.

To define a kill list proceed as described in the article dedicated to the management of kill lists as project resources. When done editing, select Back to go back to the list of kill lists.

The INSPECTOR panel, on the right edge of the page, shows contextual information about the item selected in the adjacent panel, possibly with navigation shortcuts.

To toggle the INSPECTOR panel select the expand and collapse icons at the top of the panel.