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Annotate sections


You can annotate sections in a document using:

To toggle the display of sections in the document, select Toggle sections on the toolbar beside the document name. The standard section is implicitly annotated and it covers all the text except that annotated with other sections.

The same section can be annotated multiple times in a document.
Annotations of the same or different sections cannot overlap.

Annotate sections in detail view

To annotate a section:

  1. Select the portion of text to annotate: a pop-up menu will appear.
  2. In categorization and thesaurus projects:

    • Select Create section then choose the desired section in the Annotate section dialog.

    In extraction projects:

    • Select the Sections tab, then choose the desired section from the list.

      You can use the search box inside the dialog to filter the list of the sections: type something and press Enter, only sections with matching names will be listed. Select the X button inside the search box to cancel the filter.

    The standard section is not listed because it's the implicit section: all the text not annotated otherwise belongs to it.

    The new annotation appears and the annotations of the standard section are reduced accordingly.

Annotate sections in immersive view

The procedure to annotate sections in immersive view is the same described for the detail view.

In addition, the Structure panel on the left, when expanded, reports this information about each annotation:

  • Section name
  • Section color
  • Annotation start
  • Annotation end
  • Standard section marker

The standard section is listed first, with a golden star beside its name. Since it's annotation is implicit, it is listed only once and without the indication of its boundaries.

  • To expand the Structure panel select the expanding arrows icon .
  • To collapse the panel, select the collapsing arrows icon .
  • To highlight an annotation in the text, just select it from the list. Multiple selection is allowed.
  • To filter the list of annotations by section name, type at least two character in the search box and press Enter: only annotation with a section name matching your type will be listed. Select the X inside the search box to cancel the filter.
  • Select the columns headers to change the sort order. Note that the position of the entry for the standard section will not change.

Annotate sections in PDF document view

The procedure to annotate sections in PDF document view is the same described for the detail and immersive views, but sections are not displayed in the graphical rendition of document's pages. Annotation details are therefore available only in the Structure panel, which lacks the highlight functionality. To display section annotations in the text, highlight or delete them, turn off the PDF document view and do the operations in the basic detail view.

Delete and change annotations

To delete or change annotations you must use the basic detail view or the immersive view.

  • Select the name of the section inside the text: the annotation is highlighted and a contextual menu appears.

  • To delete the annotation select Remove

  • To change the name of the section for the annotation, select Replace then select the new section from the pop-up list.