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Export and upload models


Depending on the engine used in the experiments, it is possible to export:

  • ML models: created with the Auto-ML Categorization engines, that are .mlpk files.
  • Symbolic models: the CPKs created with the Explainable Categorization and the Bootstrapped Studio Project engines, that are .cpk files.

They are available for download and so used in other applications.

You can export models from the Model sub-tab and models and CPKs from the Models tab.


To export the whole project, see Settings, Export project.


It is possible to import a CPK in the main dashboard and also in the Models tab.

You can upload a CPK created with Studio and Platform.

  1. Select Upload CPK.
  2. In the Upload CPK, select Browse files to find the CPK to import.
  3. Select Upload CPK to start the upload process or Replace file if you want to replace the CPK to upload.

Once the upload is successfully completed, the remapping window is displayed.

The CPK is included in the model list.