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Lonely corpora

The Lonely corpora tab of the Administration dashboard allows users belonging to the Owner role to manage the ownership of corpora belonging to users that have been disabled.

The TV column of the list shows the tech version the corpus is based upon.

The green dot in the Status column indicates that no analysis or loading operations are in progress.

The icon of active users has a green dot, that of users that have been disabled has a red dot.

  • To change the sort order select the header of any column except Owner.
  • To toggle the the display of only the corpora owned by a given user, select the owner name above the list.
  • To toggle the list of the users—that is the owner plus the collaborators the corpus is shared with—of a corpus, select the expand and the collapse icons to the left of the corpus row.
  • To give the ownership of a corpus to a collaborator:

    1. Expand the corpus row as explained above.
    2. In the Collaborators list, select Set as owner below the collaborator's name.
    3. Select Confirm.
  • To give the ownership of a corpus to a user that is not a collaborator:

    1. Select the corpus, then select Set new owner.
    2. In the Set new corpus owner dialog, type the user's name.
    3. Select Save.
  • To get information about the tech version of the corpus, hover over the tech version icon.

  • To start the creation wizard for a knowledge graph customization project based on the tech version of a corpus, hover over the tech version icon of the corpus row and select Knowledge Graph Customization.