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Create a corpus

You create a new corpus from the main dashboard.

Start the creation wizard

  • Select the plus button on the main toolbar and choose Corpus.

Or, if there are no projects:

  • Select the Corpus card.

If there are other projects but no corpora:

  • Select Corpora in the left menu, then Create your first corpus.

If there are already corpora:

  • Select New Corpus in the Create item panel on the right.


  • Select Corpora in the left menu, then select New Corpus in the Create Corpus area on the right.

Wizard steps

  • In the first dialog enter the corpus name, select the tech version that will be used to analyze uploaded documents and optionally enter a description for the corpus.

  • In the second dialog upload the documents and select Create when done.

Notification messages pop-up during the creation process. It as a background task you can monitor by looking at the shape of the Background taks icon in the main toolbar or selecting it to have detail information.

Open the new corpus

To open the new corpus:

  • Select Go to corpus in the task completion pop-up notification.


  • Find the corpus in the main dashboard and open it by selecting its name or double-clicking its card or row.