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Show resources about an experiment

To show the resources of an experiment:

  • Select an experiment in the Experiments panel, then select Show resources


  • Select Resources statistics from the Experiments drop-down menu for the resources of the last experiment.

The tab is divided into the following main panels:

  • Resources
  • Related documents

Display a resource

To display a resource quality analytics details, select it from the taxonomy.

Check taxonomy nodes

  • To check the category hits, select the Match button.
  • To check the count of categories and annotations of taxonomy nodes, select the Cat/Ann button.
  • To check the category metrics, select an option from the Metrics drop-down menu.

Read the information about documents

The documents are divided into:

  • Annotated Documents
  • Not Annotated Documents

For each annotated document, the following items are displayed:

  • Cat. (Number of categories)
  • Ann. (Number of annotations)
  • TP (True Positive)
  • FP (False Positive)
  • FN (False Negative)
  • Precision
  • Recall
  • F-mea.

For the unannotated documents only the number of categories is displayed.

Sort the documents

To sort the documents based on a specific item, select the column header.

To add annotations

To add annotations to a document, hover over the document of interest and select Annotate document . Then, follow the annotation procedure.

Open a document in detail view

To open a document in detail view, hover over the document of interest and select Open document .

When there, select Annotate documents to start annotating.

Check the annotations or the hits in a document

To check the annotations or the recognized categories in a document, select the expanding icon .

Filter documents by metrics

To filter documents by metrics:

  1. Select Filters .
  2. In Filter documents, select the quality indicators by selecting the filter button .
  3. Adjust the rate with the cursor for Precision, Recall and F-measure or select N/A to filter the documents with indefinite quality.
  4. Select Filter documents.


Quality metric formulas, by their nature, may provide an indefinite value. Select N/A to filter those documents that fall under this case.

To reset filters:

  • Select Reset filters .


  • Select the X beside the filters boxes.


You can also remove the filters in the Filter documents window with the procedures above. In this case, select Filter documents to apply changes.

Change the experiment

To change the experiment, select it from the experiment drop-down list in the upper left corner.