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Label types

The labels are the terms that identify a concept.
Each concept must have at least one preferred label for the project's favorite language and can also have alternative and hidden labels.

Preferred labels are the main identifiers for the concept. There can be at most one preferred label for each of the project's languages.

Alternative labels are synonyms or other acceptable forms. For example, in some contexts Earth can be considered as synonym of World.

Hidden labels are formally incorrect ways to mention the concept, for examples typos and misspellings like coffe instead of coffee

If you generate models with experiments, models use the labels to find and extract all the mentions of the concepts in analyzed texts. You can configure how the model uses the labels in the extraction process.
In a model, hidden labels help capturing mentions of the concepts that would otherwise be skipped, like incorrectly OCR-ed text.

You manage the labels of a concept in the Labels tab of the Edit concept panel, inside the Resources tab of the project dashboard.

Add a label

To add a label to a concept:

  1. Select the plus button under a column heading (PREFERRED LABELS, ALTERNATIVE LABELS or HIDDEN LABELS). ). An input field appears under the button.
  2. Type the label and press Enter.


  • Drag a concept from the TOP SUGGESTIONS strip to the column corresponding to a type of label.


  1. Select Toggle suggestions on the panel toolbar.
  2. Select the Suggested labels or the Suggested relations tab.


    Suggested relations shows suggestions for broader, narrower and related concepts while Suggested labels shows suggestions for labels, however you are free to use any suggested concept as a label.

  3. Drag a concept or select and drag multiple concepts to the column corresponding to a type of label.


Since there can be only one preferred label per language, if there's already a preferred label and you drag a label to the PREFERRED LABELS column, the existing label becomes an alternative label and is moved to the ALTERNATIVE LABELS column.

You can also add labels to a concept by linking concepts from knowledge sources or other projects.

Edit a label

To edit a label:

  1. Hover over the label and select Edit
  2. Enter the new label then press Enter

Delete labels

To delete a label, hover over the label and select Delete


The preferred label in the favorite project language cannot be removed, but it can be edited.