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Studio Core v. 4.2.0 changelog

Version release date: 2024-03-28

Matching strategies

When analyzing all—or a selection of—the project documents, or in the configuration properties, you can select a matching strategy. They are used to match the resulting categories and extractions with their corresponding annotations.


Matching strategies are the same described in detail in Platform official documentation.

Disable segment merge

In case of overlapping instances of a single segment, a single bigger segment occurrence is created that merges all its instances. A new option value—DISABLE_SEGMENT_MERGE—disables the segment merge creating as many segment occurrences as its instances.

Show all decimals in extraction score

In the configuration properties, when the Show all decimal digits in extraction scores parameter is set to true, all decimal digits of extraction confidence scores are shown. The effect of this parameter is only visible in the XXXX.txt.ctx.json.gz file.

Import annotations

In the Options step of a library import you can select the annotation types to import. Check or uncheck:

  • Import categorization annotations to import annotations made for categories.
  • Import extraction annotations to import annotations made for extractions.
  • Import section annotations to import annotations made for sections.

Refresh Studio plugin list

To refresh the plugin list in the Studio Versions dialog, select Refresh List .

Delete cached files

To delete cached files and save space on disk, in the Studio Versions dialog, select Delete cached files

Filter the message type in the Console tool window

The Message Type drop-down menu in the Output panel of the Console tool window lets you filter the message type list. Possible values are:

  • All: all messages are shown.
  • Task: task-related messages are shown.
  • Script: script-related messages are shown.


  • NL Core technology versions: 4.16.0 (default), 4.15.3 and 4.14.5.
  • IDE: IntelliJ IDEA 2023.1.