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Studio Core v. 3.24.1 changelog

Version release date: 2022-10-28

New confidence scoring

Through CONFIDENCE and IDENTIFY(template:score) syntaxes, it's now possible to declare confidence scores for extraction rules displaying the result directly on exctraction panel.

New "Tags" tab in "Classes" panel

To have a clear view of declared Tags we introduced a new panel in Classes through which automatically create a tagging rule by right clicking.

Cache the analysis results on disk

Now, it will be possible to decide whether to store the detailed log files of an analysis, for a later review, or wipe them out (keeping only the final result) to save disk space.

New Features

  • [STUDIO-496] Added tab "Tags" in "Classes" panel
  • [STUDIO-966] Javascript Modules dependencies management in JR Modules Manager
  • [STUDIO-979] Handle language-specific Javascript modules in JR Modules Manager
  • [STUDIO-1000] Let the user copy the file name from the Extraction/Categorization panels
  • [STUDIO-1046] Add Language Parser support for CONFIDENCE and IDENTIFY(template:score) syntax
  • [STUDIO-1063] Analyze Dialog - add option Cache analysis results on disk
  • [STUDIO-1067] Visualise Scoring CONFIDENCE value within Studio Core (in extraction panel)
  • [STUDIO-1081] Autocompletion preferencies in Studio Setting for lemmas
  • [STUDIO-1091] Language Parsing - add syntax for ULEMMA attribute
  • [NCLORE] CONFIDENCE and IDENTIFY(template:score) syntaxes to declare confidence scores for extraction rules
  • [NCLORE] confidence to extraction fields and instances in the RULES_analyze output
  • [NCLORE] default synscore option in the disambiguation process to retrieve tokens’ syncon score
  • [NCLORE] synScore field to the object returned by the DIS.getToken function
  • [NCLORE] score to tokens in the Datamodel output
  • [NCLORE] score to extraction fields and positions in the Datamodel output
  • [NCLORE] knowledgeProperties option to the analyze request to manage userdata in the Datamodel output

Minor Changes

  • [STUDIO-826] Right-click annotation format selected must exactly match format in Extractions Panel
  • [STUDIO-842] Annotation drop down/auto complete fix
  • [STUDIO-857] Type of inspection disappears when moving between settings (exception generated, too)
  • [STUDIO-962] Tooltip title are illegible after a theme color change
  • [STUDIO-983] Ignore subfolder "rules/dic" in Rule Inspection
  • [STUDIO-1021] Language Parsing - fix rule labels
  • [STUDIO-1035] Document Layout Viewer toolbar - Move last icon is not correct
  • [STUDIO-1036] Document view reset to page beginning when removing a Document Layout Viewer feature
  • [STUDIO-1042] Analysis Details/Reports: Categorizations does not equal FP + TP
  • [STUDIO-1044] IDE error: Smart mode is not available when LightEdit is active
  • [STUDIO-1059] Losers (L) categories in analysis report
  • [STUDIO-1064] Document Layout Viewer - Section: fix ranges in annotation and viewer
  • [STUDIO-1068] Extraction Details may show FP instead of TP
  • [STUDIO-1087] SEVERE - #c.i.i.p.PluginManager - NPE
  • [STUDIO-1089] Annotations tool window - Fix typo on button tooltip
  • [STUDIO-1090] Extractor Text Editor - warning to not edit .json from segmentation
  • [STUDIO-1092] Document Layout Viewer reset to page beginning clicking on Page Width view button
  • [STUDIO-1106] Graph/ddis 16.1.2 based on NLCore tech version 4.10.2
  • [STUDIO-1107] Studio<>Platform: download (cpk, library) does not work correctly with Platform >=1.6
  • [STUDIO-1108] senseix: suppress Windows Security Alert from Windows Firewall
  • [NLCORE] Update extraction Javascript functions to handle confidence
  • [NLCORE] Fix CLOSURE SECTION to check the overlap in the right boundaries (NLCOR-346)
  • [NLCORE] Fix wrong sequence match merges on OR operator (NLCOR-348)
  • [NLCORE] Fix multiple range scope check on boolean operators (NLCOR-464, NLCOR-528)
  • [NLCORE] Add support for Needle relativePage field for page blocks (NLCOR-533)
  • [NLCORE] Fix section score multiplier (NLCOR-542)
  • [NLCORE] Fixed some issues on russian language
  • [NLCORE] Fix boundary checks on layout data indexes
  • [NLCORE] Fix wrong index usage in document layout API
  • [NLCORE] Fix KEYWORD insensitive matching with utf8 characters
  • [NLCORE] Bind RPC server socket to (was to avoid the Windows Firewall Dialog
  • [NLCORE] Memory Access Violation during Document Analysis on NLCore 4.10.2



  • NLCore technology version: 4.10.3
  • Essex technology version: 2.7.3
  • IDE 2022.1