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Studio Core v. 3.26.3 changelog

Version release date: 2023-05-15

Improved reporting

Obtain a report for long running rules in a friendly format that can be reviewed as a spreadsheet.

Enhaced JR Modules management

A refined experience for the Javascript modules: check for updated versions of your modules and their dependencies through the dedicated manager.

More customization at your fingertips

SYNCON preview on mouse hovering, custom filename for exported CPK, Organize and filter documents according to the analysis output, multi-selection in Rule Inspection, minimize and maximize the Rule Testbed and in Analysis Details, label rules for a faster identification, and more.


  • [STUDIO-1350] NPE happening during project opening
  • [STUDIO-1449] Strange behaviour when using "search into knowledge graph" right-click menu
  • [STUDIO-1467] Tag could not visualized correctly in semantic analysis
  • [STUDIO-1477] Rule Details bring to a wrong rule
  • [STUDIO-1511] Resolving a few instabilities within Studio Core runtime
  • [STUDIO-1530] Error 500 connecting to Platform with selfsign certificate
  • [STUDIO-1532] Imported projects contains two dic folders and the old dll folder
  • [STUDIO-1535] Studio Core update request brings to an older version
  • [STUDIO-1537] Deploy CPK fails when selected a custom folder
  • [STUDIO-1542] Semantic Map goes out of sync with cursor position when text has empty rows
  • [STUDIO-1543] ClassCastException in Extraction View
  • [STUDIO-1548] [Platform integration] Fixed keycloak-adapter library in order to use proxy with authentication


  • NLCore technology versions: 4.11.4 (default), 4.10.8, 4.9.4
  • Essex technology version: 2.7.4
  • IDE 2022.1.*