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Studio Core v. 3.26.0 changelog

Version release date: 2023-01-30

Improved reporting

Obtain a report for long running rules in a friendly format that can be reviewed as a spreadsheet.

Enhaced JR Modules management

A refined experience for the Javascript modules: check for updated versions of your modules and their dependencies through the dedicated manager.

More customization at your fingertips

SYNCON preview on mouse hovering, custom filename for exported CPK, Organize and filter documents according to the analysis output, multi-selection in Rule Inspection, minimize and maximize the Rule Testbed and in Analysis Details, label rules for a faster identification, and more.

New Features

  • [STUDIO-848] Let the user dump a report for slow-performing rules
  • [STUDIO-860] Added popup menu to Sentence Hits tree to copy content to clipboard
  • [STUDIO-881] Comment/Label to recognize displayed Rules
  • [STUDIO-869] Organize/filter documents according to the analysis output
  • [STUDIO-897] Let the user decide a custom name when exporting the CPK
  • [STUDIO-967] Provide minimize icon in Rule Testbed
  • [STUDIO-1077] Add "Annotate All" option
  • [STUDIO-1083] Minimize and Maximize/Expand buttons in Analysis Details panel
  • [STUDIO-1093] Add smart coding support for ULEMMA attribute
  • [STUDIO-849] "Rule inspection" allows multi-selection using CTRL or SHIFT

Minor Changes

  • [STUDIO-1144] Rename "Update Studio from disk..." to "Update Core from disk..."
  • [STUDIO-894] Rule TestBed now accepting also incomplete rules with no SCOPE declared, but with DOMAIN or IDENTIFY defined
  • [STUDIO-910] Implement SYNCON preview on mouse hovering
  • [STUDIO-1080] To limit the number of languages available for "Limited Features" Edition's users
  • [STUDIO-1129] Text Editor for Extract files should be read only
  • [STUDIO-1256] 5 Knowledge Graphs out of 12 available when you create your first project in Studio Enterprise Limited Features
  • [STUDIO-1105] Export Taxonomy - Rename in "Export Taxonomy Report (.csv)"


  • [STUDIO-1043] JR Module Manager: add a flag for deprecated scripts
  • [STUDIO-880] Add "Details" button to "All documents" tab for Categorization and Extraction
  • [STUDIO-1294] Create a new project starting from an existing .cpk: use the same NLCore version branch (if available)
  • [STUDIO-1267] Show the NLCore version used to deploy a cpk in "Deploy" dialog
  • [STUDIO-1235] Test files in Jap, Korean, Chinese and Arabic should be translated in their languages
  • [STUDIO-1179] Studio<>Platform: retrieve version from Platform endpoint
  • [STUDIO-1220] Studio<>Platform: improve Tech Version input in project creation
  • [STUDIO-1168] Toolbars over trees and treetables components should be normalized
  • [STUDIO-59] Fix debugging: resume ignoring all breakpoint button not working as expected
  • [STUDIO-916] Renaming sources/lists with "refactor" does not automatically change the IMPORT/EXPAND/LOAD statement in the rules
  • [STUDIO-984] Vertical Scrollbar is missing in Knowledge Graph Search window tool
  • [STUDIO-985] StringIndexOutOfBoundsException copying Syncon ids from pinned table
  • [STUDIO-1065] Fix regression with JS debugger
  • [STUDIO-1071] Document Layout Viewer: "Set validated" checkbox highlights another element than selected one
  • [STUDIO-1079] Rule inspections does not notify files containing errors
  • [STUDIO-1088] Annotation tool window: keep highlighted blocks retrieve of selected annotations
  • [STUDIO-1094] Annotation tool window: value of an extraction not completely deletable
  • [STUDIO-1100] Document Layout Viewer: fix behavior in warning to not edit files
  • [STUDIO-1111] JR Modules Manager: install Module dialog counts distinct modules
  • [STUDIO-1116] Too many element types registered: fix exception
  • [STUDIO-1125] Fix editor tabs are not refreshed after prepare task
  • [STUDIO-1126] Fix Layout tab not rendered when opening Extract files
  • [STUDIO-1128] Fix test Editor of extract files does not show cursor position
  • [STUDIO-1138] Fix LDA does not work correctly
  • [STUDIO-1148] Fix NPE returned trying to connect to an unreachable Platform
  • [STUDIO-1152] Fix Memory Leak
  • [STUDIO-1163] Update jsensei version inside studio to 4.10/4.11
  • [STUDIO-1165] Fix Text and Layout tabs disappearing when Document Layout Viewer is activated
  • [STUDIO-1171] Migration tool: FIXED SEQUENCE MODE
  • [STUDIO-1172] Migration tool: Normalizepost folder list in wrong directory
  • [STUDIO-1175] Fix Template filter in Extraction toolWindow is not updated after configuration change
  • [STUDIO-1176] Number Renderer for table's cells visualizes more than one decimal if requested
  • [STUDIO-1177] linkPost now visible in Jr Module list for Enterprise users
  • [STUDIO-1202] Propose latest tech when creating Platform project
  • [STUDIO-1204] KGE UI: add ? symbol with documentation link
  • [STUDIO-1208] Modules Manager: module tooltip is truncated
  • [STUDIO-1210] Some question mark links updated, removed and added
  • [STUDIO-1211] Migration tool: importing old project and .svn hidden folder prevents connection to git repo
  • [STUDIO-1217] Fix exception: com.cogito.ide.ui.sensigrafoexplorer.SensigrafoExplorerToolWindow$11.actionPerformed(
  • [STUDIO-1229] Fix Knowledge Graph navigator: icons become numbers
  • [STUDIO-1234] Fix output field value in Extraction tool window unreadable in Japanese, Korean, Chinese
  • [STUDIO-1250] Fix bad behaviour in Update Knowledge Graph libraries
  • [STUDIO-1251] JR Modules Manager: number of available internal modules not equal to the available modules
  • [STUDIO-1253] Fix insert Tag Rule template command in rule file context menu does not work as expected
  • [STUDIO-1255] Fix typo when Export Library is selected
  • [STUDIO-1261] JR Modules Manager: fix module removal loading is endless
  • [STUDIO-1262] JR Modules Manager: fix wrong number of modules downloaded when dependencies are already downloaded
  • [STUDIO-1269] Exception writing a word into KGE window tool
  • [STUDIO-1275] Adapt "kge" folder to new inner structure introduced by Knowlwdge Graph Editor
  • [STUDIO-1278] Fix NPE on plaf.basic.BasicTableUI.paintCell
  • [STUDIO-1280] Reset button does not remove properly imported rows inside main.kge
  • [STUDIO-1283] Knowledge Graph Editor Settings window: reload button shows an error
  • [STUDIO-1287] Error retrieving syncon XXX in getExternalIdFromInternalId function
  • [STUDIO-1293] KGE reorganization message continues to appear when accepting
  • [STUDIO-1295] Fix NPE at com.cogito.ide.core.PipelineFile.
  • [STUDIO-1296] Fix NPE in SentenceHits for Needle documents
  • [STUDIO-1297] Fix NPE in SemanticToolWindow for Needle documents
  • [STUDIO-1299] Fix RulesPrepareJson runs twice on Needle document with new sdk
  • [STUDIO-1302] Tag visible when you download, update or remove a module
  • [STUDIO-1309] Fix "out of memory" case scenarios
  • [STUDIO-1311] Platform<>Studio com.cogito.ide.platform.PlatformApiException: Unauthorized: API_PROJECT_LIST
  • [STUDIO-1319] Record labels disappear in Tagger tool window
  • [STUDIO-1323] Classes/Taxonomy - Category labels do not appear in projects where taxonomy.xml has "LABEL" attribute instead of "DESCRIPTION"
  • [STUDIO-867] Diplay error if a Platform project is created from Studio, but taxonomy.xml isn't available
  • [STUDIO-1014] Handle new deploy information coming from NLCore
  • [NLCORE 4.11.0] Add ULEMMA attribute
  • [NLCORE 4.11.0] Add SENSEI_setRPCRuntime/SENSEI_getRPCRuntime API to handle different runtimes (available on rpc mode only)
  • [NLCORE 4.11.0] Add extraData field in Datamodel categories, extraction records and extraction fields
  • [NLCORE 4.11.0] Add new functions for onCategorizer
  • [NLCORE 4.11.0] Updated TYPE attribute for PT and RU
  • [NLCORE 4.11.0] Handle strikethrough and underline fields of segmentation fonts
  • [NLCORE 4.11.0] RULES_prepareJson: source text equals Needle block content concatenation
  • [NLCORE 4.11.0] Needle JSON preparation refactoring to support v2.4 block format with retrocompatibility
  • [NLCORE 4.11.1] RULES_deploy filters out .wnet files when deploying cpk
  • [NLCORE 4.11.1] Fix problem with SET algo onCategorizer
  • [NLCORE 4.11.1] Fix problem with regexcleaner FIND REPLACE_PLAIN regex with group
  • [NLCORE 4.11.1] Fix problem with TAG token vs atom
  • [NLCORE 4.11.1] Fix problem with PATTERN match token vs atom


  • [STUDIO-1222] Remove warning about missing Linux library


  • NLCore technology version: 4.11.1
  • Essex technology version: 2.7.3
  • IDE 2022.1