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Studio Core v. 4.0.0 changelog

Version release date: 2024-02-07

Studio Versions

Check the Studio Versions window for new (and older) releases of Studio. To access this window, select Studio > Update Core from repository.

Show debug information for single and multiple file analysis

Two new properties are available in the configuration properties that allow you to show debug information for the analysis of a single document or multiple documents.

They are:

  • Enable Debug Info for single file analysis
  • Enable Debug Info for files analyses

The second parameter is configurable when analyzing a selection of documents or all of them.

STEM attribute

A new attribute is available, STEM, who matches the root of the text of a token so that such a root can be used to match other token texts—from a morphological and not semantic point of view—that must share the same root.

New section syntax

It is now possible to specify a scope option within an intersection of a segment and a section.

The syntax is the following:

SCOPE scopeOption IN SECTION(sectionName:segmentName)

Save taxonomy and template report in CSV format

In the Analysis Details dialog of the Report tool window, the taxonomy and the template reports can be saved in the respective tab by selecting Export CSV .

Refresh counters in Tags tab

It is possible to refresh the rule counter of the Tags tab of the Classes tool window by selecting Refresh counters .


  • NL Core technology versions: 4.14.2 (default), 4.13.8 and 4.12.5.
  • IDE: IntelliJ IDEA 2023.1.