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Studio Core v. 3.28.2 changelog

Version release date: 2023-07-31

Platform Integration

New Platform Project dialog

A new window allows you to focus only on Platform projects connected to Studio by displaying all their properties in a table. It is possible to carry out all actions on models and libraries, as well as run experiments.

New Studio cpk dialog

With this new dialog box it is possible to upload a cpk of the current module folder to the selected Platform project.

New cpk Properties dialog

This dialog displays the properties of any cpk file on disk. Once the features are displayed, it is possible to create a new project or update a module of the current project.

New Update from cpk dialog

This new window allows you to choose the cpk parts in order to update the current module.

Set NL Core Version dialog

With this dialog box it is possible to set a NL core version for a given project module by choosing from a list.

New Shortcuts in Project menu

New options added to the context menu of Project view. Now it is possible to display cpk properties or perform actions with the connected Platform, such as uploading a library or a cpk, or unlinking the project.

Other new features, changes and fixes

In addition, this new version of Studio Core bring along with it bug fixes, minor changes, an overall UX refinement and a set of new features.

New Features:

  • [STUDIO-1534] Added new functions to autocompletion of scripting DIS object
  • [STUDIO-1562] Added Platform Project View for linked modules
  • [STUDIO-1563] Added new download params for Platform libraries
  • [STUDIO-1564] Added Platform contextual menu in Project View
  • [STUDIO-1565] Added any module cpk in an uploadable list
  • [STUDIO-1566] Added option to update current module from a cpk
  • [NLCOR-128] Added BTAG syntax to Rules grammar
  • [NLCOR-661] Added new jscript method: DIS.getTokenTagEntry()
  • Added rule language autocompletion for new TAGENTRY transformer
  • Added rule language parser support for syncon id associated to template and fields
  • Added jscript intellisense on DIS.getSynconMainLemma
  • Added possibility to annotate extractions also selecting a template
  • Added module label in KGE Dialog
  • Updated jscript autocompletion on DIS and CTX objects
  • [STUDIO-1243] Added \"repeat analysis\" option when right-clicking on a report
  • [STUDIO-1403] Added an option to copy all lemmas from selected syncons in Knowledge Graph
  • [STUDIO-1588] Added \"remove invalid lemmas\" to \"List Optimize\" menu
  • [STUDIO-1597] Added minimum similarity value to Rule Inspection dialog


  • [STUDIO-1570] [KGE] Allow *.kge file as input format for KGE
  • [STUDIO-1551] Changed \"Filter by Type\" in Extraction view to show only hit templates
  • Changed LDA essex configuration to allow parallel analysis
  • [STUDIO-1203] Open a module JS after it has been loaded into the project
  • [STUDIO-1221] A dialog will notify the end of import process
  • [STUDIO-1300] Analysis will not start if selected editor will show a file from documents folder
  • [STUDIO-1552] Reports dialog are now floating and minimizable
  • [STUDIO-1598] Projects are now opened in Platform only if their status equals \"ready\"


  • [STUDIO-1555] Fixed wrong syncon ids in Hierarchy Report
  • [STUDIO-1561] Fixed Config.xml with wrong encoding set in header
  • [STUDIO-1567] Fixed windows line separators in linux version of lda start file
  • Fixed Module Wizard minimum size to avoid horizontal scrollbar
  • Fixed panels overnesting in KGE dialog
  • Fixed data loss during drag&drop operation in Taxonomy view
  • Fixed missing reports in Report view
  • Fixed missing scrollbar in Create Project Wizard
  • Fixed section annotation skipped during ann file load procedure
  • Fixed issue in KGE handling Knowledge Graphs version 13.*
  • [STUDIO-1559] Fixed gloss generation after KGE building
  • [STUDIO-861] Fixed untagged tags are colored differently in the Sentence Hits panel
  • [STUDIO-1207] Fixed missing segments in Sentence Hits view
  • [STUDIO-1226] Fixed missing description in taxonomy domain list when annotating
  • [STUDIO-1252] Fixed user cannot delete unused lists/sources in rules inspection results view
  • [STUDIO-1390] Fixed multiple instances of LDA try to use the same port
  • [STUDIO-1424] Fixed wrong number of dependencies in modules list of JR Modules Manager
  • [STUDIO-1469] Fixed loading libraries message stuck in Platform view
  • [STUDIO-1502] Fixed NPE finding syncons in Knowledge Graph
  • [STUDIO-1584] Fixed thread error caused by a search in Path Finder view
  • [STUDIO-1586] Fixed missing double click in update and installed lists of JR Modules Manager
  • [STUDIO-1589] Fixed wrong result about orphan list files in Rule Inspection
  • [STUDIO-1590] Fixed some knowledge graphs are not visible in new project wizard
  • [STUDIO-1592] Fixed cache synchronization during new project wizard
  • [STUDIO-1593] Fixed column labels and data misalignment in Analysis Details view
  • [STUDIO-1593] Fixed fmeasure wrong result in Compare reports view
  • [STUDIO-1595] Fixed missing _ character in platform profile name when added to Studio menu
  • [STUDIO-1602] Fixed Some menu entries are not visible in project context menu in "Project Files" filtered view
  • Fixed missing build even if code is modified before Rule Inspection


  • NLCore technology versions: 4.12.3 (default), 4.11.7, 4.10.11
  • Essex technology version: 2.7.6
  • IDE 2022.1