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Studio Core v. 3.20.13 changelog

Version release date: 2022-09-19

This update includes new features, behavior changes and bug fixes.

Warning warmly invites to upgrade your instance of Studio IDE to the latest version (≥ 2022.1). Download it from Studio home page inside this portal.
Earlier versions of Studio IDE have been deprecated and the support has ended. Platform Integration

A step forward in integrating Studio with Platform: users will be now able to fully synchronize projects both ends. For example, editing rules of a symbolic model on Studio and launch the analisys on the Platform.

An exhaustive Tagger

With a more complete Semantic Analysis you will be able to have a better capture of tagged text.

Advanced Modules management

With the new Module Manager, you will be able to always keep under control the version of your modules updating them all at once.

In addition, this new version of Studio Core bring along with it bug fixes, minor changes, an overall UX refinement and a set of new features.

New Features

  • [STUDIO-617] Added Prepare Document in editor popup menu
  • [STUDIO-548] Reports Comparision - Added changed docs filter + export button
  • [STUDIO-905] Update Notifier for Studio IDE new releases

Minor Changes

  • [STUDIO-940] Statistics tab does not appear automatically after build
  • [STUDIO-675] Change "Modules Manager" labeling in "JR Module Manager"
  • [STUDIO-835] Repo maintenance as default for internal profiles
  • [STUDIO-602] Glosses for Enterprise Edition's users
  • [STUDIO-891] Change KG repo subpath


  • [STUDIO-953] Anonymous Data Collection removed


  • [STUDIO-700] Replace KG - Null Pointer Exception if custom KG has been not loaded
  • [STUDIO-915] Correcting annotations afterwards replaces the wrong parts of the annotation
  • [STUDIO-920] Avoid automatic filters application in Annotation Tab
  • [STUDIO-922] Exception: Access is allowed from event dispatch thread only
  • [STUDIO-923] Taxonomy - UnmarshalException adding a node with no closure in taxonomy.xml
  • [STUDIO-924] Module Manager - main.jr opened in editor is not updated after one or more modules are removed
  • [STUDIO-928] Studio<>Platform Integration - Null Pointer Exception on connect with a empty selection in Profile combo
  • [STUDIO-931] Studio<>Platform Integration - Insert a limit of writeable chars description text box
  • [STUDIO-933] Studio<>Platform Integration - Deleted profiles are still present into Studio menu
  • [STUDIO-934] Studio<>Platform Integration - Connect button not enabled after a failed attempt
  • [STUDIO-935] Settings - Invalid Reset value for two properties
  • [STUDIO-936] Uniform UI elements to English language
  • [STUDIO-941] KG Explorer - Choosen syncon color does not appear when a syncon is pinned
  • [STUDIO-943] KG Explorer - Custom data window exposes internal data
  • [STUDIO-944] KG Explorer - Exception during syncon TreeTable rendering
  • [STUDIO-945] KG Explorer - Null Pointer Exception at startup
  • [STUDIO-946] Semantic View - Toggle buttons are not refreshed when user changes tile colors in Settings
  • [STUDIO-947] Missing Semantic Analysis scope setting in Studio Setting window
  • [STUDIO-948] Avoid extra error message
  • [STUDIO-951] Fix autocompletion options for POSITION attribute
  • [STUDIO-955] Uniform entries related to same feature (Code inspection or Rule inspection)
  • [STUDIO-956] Settings - Property name style remains as bold one after resetting it to default value
  • [STUDIO-958] Change button label
  • [STUDIO-964] Classes - Context menu - missing entry with an unfocused opened test file
  • [STUDIO-973] Path Finder - Exception selecting a lemma as syncon 1
  • [STUDIO-974] Exception analyzing document after adding an annotation
  • [STUDIO-975] Random tokenization from Segmentation json
  • [STUDIO-976] Block the incorrect prefix when generating labels
  • [STUDIO-981] Show All Categories does not work properly
  • [STUDIO-613] Random bug: getChildren failed for ActionGroup
  • [STUDIO-618] Fixed exception trying to sort in file table in report templates list
  • [STUDIO-632] KG download from repository fixed in Linux
  • [STUDIO-634] UI Freezes caused by some calls to NLCore stack
  • [STUDIO-635] Remove boring message when a text file outside test folder is opened
  • [STUDIO-636] No files to analyze on Analyze All action
  • [STUDIO-638] Memory Leak to investigate
  • [STUDIO-639] "Open related test file" not visible in editor popup menu if file is in "document" or "annotation" folder
  • [STUDIO-642] Studio<>Platform Integration - Convert Platform time to local
  • [STUDIO-644] Jr modules naming convention
  • [STUDIO-645] Studio Local Deployment Agent - console links not working
  • [STUDIO-661] Code Completion fails with lists paths starting with an uppercase letter
  • [STUDIO-663] Null Pointer Exception on AnAction
  • [STUDIO-664] Exception in setLoadingMode method of toolWindows
  • [STUDIO-668] Null Pointer Exception from Layout toolWindow
  • [STUDIO-304] Editor - missing tags autocomplete when declared in subfolder files
  • [STUDIO-371] Intersection of segments generates a parsing error
  • [STUDIO-422] IDE freeze when navigating Knowledge Graph with full hierarchy
  • [STUDIO-517] Language Parser: rule marked as invalid in editor (new subrule syntaxes EXPANDE)
  • [STUDIO-574] Language Parser: Correct rule marked as invalid in editor (new subrule syntaxes IDENTIFY)
  • [STUDIO-678] FP value in Annotation tab
  • [STUDIO-679] Calling invokeAndWait from read-action leads to possible deadlock
  • [STUDIO-684] Null Pointer Exception clicking on Syncon ID in tile info table
  • [STUDIO-685] Null Pointer Exception renaming source file
  • [STUDIO-695] Project Cleaup: Null Pointer Exception getting info about project files
  • [STUDIO-326] Fatal Error: Assertion failed: Changes to PSI are not allowed inside event processing
  • [STUDIO-499] Repository Url not reachable
  • [STUDIO-607] IDE error when trying to sort the template/field results in the Extraction panel
  • [STUDIO-699] Syncon depth in LIST is not saved after opening Knowledge Graph
  • [STUDIO-701] Large document doesn't show highligts for all hits
  • [STUDIO-704] Searching into Knowledge Graph Search doesn't work
  • [STUDIO-708] Studio<>Platform Integration - OutOfBounds Exception refreshing lists in Platform Projects dialog
  • [STUDIO-710] Preventing Build to never end
  • [STUDIO-711] Fixed Rule Testbed compilation error when templates with clause MERGE WHEN DOCUMENT are present
  • [STUDIO-719] Show in KG Search fails if users selects inside code a Syncon with a depth
  • [STUDIO-825] "Nothing to Show" in some ToolWindows
  • [STUDIO-822] Semantic View: Cannot annotate after file editing
  • [STUDIO-828] Tagger view - missing filters
  • [STUDIO-829] Semantic View - Tagger details shows TAG insted of UNTAG after a flag is changed
  • [STUDIO-841] Semantic View - Selected tile changes after annotation
  • [STUDIO-834] Fix syntax parsing for subrules as TAG and TYPE argument
  • [STUDIO-836] Reports Comparision results in Internal Error when system language is other than English
  • [STUDIO-868] Null Pointer Exception opening a JR file in Studio
  • [STUDIO-872] Sentence Hits - data resetted after analysis
  • [STUDIO-876] Sax Parsing error importing Dutch project
  • [STUDIO-877] Profiling tool windows (document and report) show also values with count = 0
  • [STUDIO-884] Various synchronization issues between editor and semantic view


  • NLCore technology version: 4.8.6
  • IDE 2021.3