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Studio Core v. 3.24.3 changelog

Version release date: 2023-01-30

New confidence scoring

Through CONFIDENCE and IDENTIFY(template:score) syntaxes, it's now possible to declare confidence scores for extraction rules displaying the result directly on exctraction panel.

New "Tags" tab in "Classes" panel

To have a clear view of declared Tags we introduced a new panel in Classes through which automatically create a tagging rule by right clicking.

Cache the analysis results on disk

Now, it will be possible to decide whether to store the detailed log files of an analysis, for a later review, or wipe them out (keeping only the final result) to save disk space.

New Features

  • [STUDIO-1171] Migration from older technology stack: FIXED_SEQUENCE_MODE is enabled by default after migration in
  • [STUDIO-1177] linkPost now visible in JR Modules Manager list

Minor Changes

  • [STUDIO-1129] Open texts in Document Layout Viewer are read only
  • [STUDIO-1204] Add ? symbol button targeting public documentation in several dialogs and windows
  • [STUDIO-1211] Migration from older technology stack: import old project and .svn hidden folder prevents connection to git repo


  • [STUDIO-59] Debug: ignoring all breakpoint button not working as expected after resume
  • [STUDIO-916] Renaming sources/lists with "refactor" does not automatically change the IMPORT/EXPAND/LOAD statement in the rules
  • [STUDIO-984] Vertical Scrollbar is missing in KG Search window tool
  • [STUDIO-985] StringIndexOutOfBoundsException copying syncon IDs from pinned table
  • [STUDIO-1065] Javascript debugger: communication issue between debug server/client
  • [STUDIO-1071] Document Layout Viewer - "Set validated" checkbox highlights another element than selected one
  • [STUDIO-1079] Rule Inspection does not notify files containing errors
  • [STUDIO-1088] Annotations tool window - Keep Highlighted capability is not working as expected
  • [STUDIO-1094] Annotation value of an extraction not completely deletable
  • [STUDIO-1100] Bad behaviour in Document Layout Viewer warning to not edit files
  • [STUDIO-1111] Install Module dialog should count distinct modules
  • [STUDIO-1116] Too many element types registered exception
  • [STUDIO-1125] Editors are not refreshed after prepare task
  • [STUDIO-1126] Layout tab not rendered when opening Extract files
  • [STUDIO-1128] Test Editor of extract files does not show cursor position
  • [STUDIO-1138] Local Deployment Agent does not start: fixing internal parameters
  • [STUDIO-1148] Exception returned trying to connect to an unreachable Platform
  • [STUDIO-1152] Fixing memory leak when Studio IDE is running for long time
  • [STUDIO-1172] Migration from older technology stack: normalizepost folder list in wrong directory
  • [STUDIO-1176] Number renderer for table's cells should visualize more than one decimal if requested
  • [STUDIO-1202] Propose latest technology version when creating a Platform project
  • [STUDIO-1208] JR Modules Manager - Module tooltip is truncated
  • [STUDIO-1217] Exception: com.cogito.ide.ui.sensigrafoexplorer.SensigrafoExplorerToolWindow$11.actionPerformed
  • [STUDIO-1229] KG Navigator, glitch: icons become numbers
  • [STUDIO-1234] Output Field value in Extraction tool window unreadable in Japanese, Korean and Chinese
  • [STUDIO-1251] Number of available internal modules not equal to the available modules
  • [STUDIO-1253] Insert tag rule template command in rule file context menu does not work as expected
  • [STUDIO-1255] Typo when Export Library toggle is selected
  • [STUDIO-1261] JR Modules Manager: module removal loading is endless
  • [STUDIO-1262] JR Modules Manager: Wrong number of modules downloaded when dependencies are already downloaded
  • [STUDIO-1295] NPE at com.cogito.ide.core.PipelineFile.
  • [STUDIO-1290] Fixed problem with regexcleaner FIND REPLACE_PLAIN regex with group
  • [NLCORE 4.10.4] KEYWORD attribute performance optimization
  • [NLCORE 4.10.4] Fix layout page index access
  • [NLCORE 4.10.4] Fixed file type checking on recurse source files on deploy
  • [NLCORE 4.10.4] Fix memory corruption when multiple scores are declared with initial in SECTIONS config
  • [NLCORE 4.10.4] Handle multiple SEGMENTS HIERARCHY declarations
  • [NLCORE 4.10.4] Fix duplicate hits on OPTIONAL and MANDATORY
  • [NLCORE 4.10.4] Fix NORM transformer to correctly navigate syncon chains
  • [NLCORE 4.10.5] Sort stabilization to obtain coherent results on both Windows and Linux
  • [NLCORE 4.10.5] Fix SCOPE TABLE on segment rules
  • [NLCORE 4.10.5] Fix return value from string_to_number if not a number, now it returns -1 instead of 0
  • [NLCORE 4.10.5] Fix SET function now creates a score obj in MAINSET
  • [NLCORE 4.10.5] Fix DISCARD domains, now they are available on jr and they must be removed with script code
  • [NLCORE 4.10.5] Fix RULES_preparejson when scripter is disabled
  • [NLCORE 4.10.5] Fix MERGE WHEN SECTION with multi section
  • [NLCORE 4.10.5] Fix OPTIONAL/MANDATORY sequence matches aggregation
  • [NLCORE 4.10.5] Fix recursive score calculation
  • [NLCORE 4.10.6] Fix problem with SET algo onCategorizer
  • [NLCORE 4.10.6] Fix problem with TAG token vs atom
  • [NLCORE 4.10.6] Fix problem with PATTERN match token vs atom


  • [STUDIO-1222] Removed warning about missing Linux library


  • NLCore technology version: 4.10.6 (release)
  • Essex technology version: 2.7.3
  • IDE 2022.1