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Common toolbar commands


The toolbar changes according to the project and the main dashboard, but some buttons and icons are common. icon

Select the icon to go to the main dashboard from wherever you are.

Technology version

Hover over the technology version icon to check the technology version in use.

Activity log

Major events affecting the project are logged as activities.

Select Activity log to check the project activity log.

The default view displays activities across all project libraries.

Select a library in the left panel to filter the activities performed on it.

Activities are divided into the following levels:

  • Error
  • Warning
  • Info
  • Debug

To change the sort order of the displayed activities according to Date or Level, select the related column header.

To filter the activities according to their level, select the related button placed at the top.

To export the activity log journal in JSON format:

  1. Select Export log.
  2. In the Export log dialog, enter the filename or confirm the suggested one.
  3. Select Export and the JSON file will be available for the download.
  4. Select Download in the notification in the lower right corner.

Check background tasks

To check background tasks, select Background tasks in the upper right corner of the dashboard.


  • = No background tasks.
  • = Background tasks in progress.

Check notifications

To check notifications, select Notifications in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

Profile settings

To manage the following settings, select the user icon in the upper right corner.


This option is displayed and allowed to Admin and Owner users types only.

To access the administration environment, select Administration.

Personal settings

To change your profile settings, the password and to get the Studio profile key, select Your profile:

  • In the Your profile tab you can modify Name and Surname. If you have permissions, you can also change the Email address and the Role. Select Save to confirm.
  • In the Change password tab you can modify the password. Select Change to receive an email with the procedure to follow.


    Passwords must be minimum 8 chars, including a capital letter, a number and a symbol.

  • In the Studio profile key tab you can find a key allowing Studio users to access Platform.

    Select Copy to clipboard to copy the code to the clipboard.


To access the documentation, select User guide.

About Annotate

For information about the current version of Annotate and all of its components, select About Annotate.

Select Copy to clipboard to copy the information to the clipboard.

Toogle dark mode

To enable or disable the dark mode, switch on/off the Dark mode toggle button.

Log out

To log out, select Logout.