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Upload and export documents

Upload documents

To upload additional documents in a library:

  1. In the documents list view of the Documents tab, select Upload documents .

    Select Show advanced settings:

    • If you want to disable automatic language detection: turn off Autodetect language and choose the language from the Select language drop-down list.
    • If you want to disable automatic character encoding detection: turn off Autodetect encoding and choose the encoding from the Select encoding drop-down list.
    • When done: select Hide advanced settings.
  2. Select Add files. Either you upload single files from a folder, or you can upload a whole zip folder.

  3. The selected files or folders are displayed in a list and can be deleted by clicking on the "X" button at the right of the file name.
  4. Select Upload.


You will be asked to reload the library in the lower right corner to have the updated number of documents.


Supported formats and limits

Supported document formats are those managed by the Apache Tika toolkit. Documents are automatically converted to plain text files during upload.

Documents are ignored if:

  • They are empty.
  • They mainly consist of nonsense words.
  • (In case of automatic language recognition) Their language is unrecognized or not supported.
  • They exceed the following values:

    • 50MB for .zip files.
    • 50MB for .txt files.
    • 50MB for other file types

Export documents

In the documents list view of the Documents tab:

  1. Select Export in the toolbar on the right.
  2. In the Export documents dialog, Export tab, enter the filename or confirm the suggested one and select the Extension.
  3. Documents are pre-processed when uploaded and spacing is affected. For example, a sequence of empty lines is compressed to one. If you want to export documents with their original spacing, check Include original text spaced documents.
  4. Select the Export filter, to filter the document set to export:

    • Confirm All documents to download the whole corpus. (Set by default).


    • Select Filtered documents to download a filtered list of the documents according to the following available filters:

      • Documents with annotations.
      • Documents with extractions.
      • Current list of filtered documents.
  1. Select Export.
  2. In the Download tab or in the notification in the lower right corner, select Download.