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Manage documents

The main specific documents management operations are the following:

But you can also perform other useful operations such as:

Most of them are performed in the Documents tab that has three alternative views:

  • List view, which displays the documents preview list.

  • Detail view, which displays a simplified list on the left and the details of a specific document in the center.

  • The Context view, which displays the list of the documents and, for each of them, a list of textual contexts, each one centered on an annotation. See how to activate it in the dedicated page.

To switch between views:

  • To switch from the list view to the detail view:

    • Double click a document in the list.


    • Select the file name of a document in the list.


    • Select a document in the list and select View document at the top left of the document list.
  • To switch from the detail view to the list view, select Browse documents browse from the left panel.