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Custom concept properties

Any custom properties of a concept, defined through the project settings, are managed in the Custom properties tab of the Edit Concept panel.

  • To set a Boolean property, select the value between the two possible ones (true and false).

  • To set a single-instance numeric property, enter or change the value. You can also use the up and down buttons on the right of the field to increase or decrease the value one unit at a time.

  • For a single instance string property:

    • To set the value, enter or change the value.
    • To change the value language, select the ellipsis button or the chip representing the language—if previously set—on the right of the property value and choose the language—or Not specified for no language—from the pop-up menu.
    • To delete the value, hover over it and select the X button .
  • For multi-instance properties (strings or numbers):

    • Manage individual instances as above.
    • To add a new instance, select the plus button below the property name.