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Custom components view

The Custom components view shows the custom hexagons available in NL Flow. A custom component is defined by providing NL Flow with its manifest that contains the corresponding docker image with name and version.

The following columns are available:

Column Description
Name Custom component name
Description Custom component description
Version Custom component version
Author Custom component author
  • Select the column headers to sort the list of custom components.
  • To download a custom component manifest, select Download manifest .
  • To upload a custom component manifest:

    1. Select Upload component . The Upload component dialog will appear.
    2. Select Upload . The JSON will appear in the editor after selecting a file.


      Copy and paste the JSON in the editor.

    3. Select Save.

    For your JSON to be valid, these fields are necessary:

    • category
    • id
    • name
    • type
    • image
    • version

    otherwise a warning will appear.


    It is not possible to upload a manifest having the same name and version of an already existing manifest.

  • To delete a custom component (only for Owner roles), select Delete .

  • To search for a component, use the search bar. To reset the search criteria, select the X .