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Dashboard views and common toolbar

Screen resolution

Platform NL Flow is a Web application used through a browser. The recommended screen resolution is 1920 x 1080.


The dashboard has several alternative views. To switch between the main views, use the menu on the left.

Button Corresponding view
Workflows (the default view after the login)
JavaScript templates
Custom components

The Back to authoring button is displayed only if you accessed NL Flow from the Platform authoring application and allows you to switch back to it.

Common toolbar

The upper toolbar is shared between the views.

The plus button opens a pop-up menu allowing you to:

The search box—which doubles as a drop-down list— allows you to find a workflow to open, just enter the name of a workflow or part of it in the box.
To open a workflow, select it from the list of results.

User menu

The round icon with your initials on the right of the toolbar is a drop-down menu with these commands:

  • Back to authoring: available only if you came from the authoring application, allows you to switch to it.
  • Administration: opens the Administration view. It's available only if your user belong to the Owner or Admin role and exclusively in NL Flow only installations, when there's no authoring application.
  • Your profile: opens the Settings pop-up.
  • Swagger UI: opens a Swagger UI page for the application APIs in a separate tab of the browser.
  • User guide: opens the Platform documentation home page in a separate tab of the browser.
  • Support portal: access the support portal where you can submit your questions and issues about tha application.
  • Dark mode: toggles the dark visualization mode.
  • Logout: logs you out of the application.
  • About Platform: opens a pop-up showing application version information.